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​​​​​​​If you have access to organic food, whether it be in your own backyard, at a farmers market, fruit and veg grocer or the supermarket, that’s wonderful. There are a few key things to consider before you reach into your pocket to pay the premium...

To reduce the impact of your food choices on the environment, you're better off choosing foods that are grown locally, currently in season and are not packaged in plastic. Although the impact of plastics on health is still an emerging area of research, we know that fruits and vegetables that are fresh and in season are very high in nutrients. As organic foods are most expensive, and hence less popular, they are often sealed in plastic to extend shelf life. Therefore, any environmental benefits of organic farming are likely to be outweighed by the resources needed to produce the packaging and the impact of the degradation of the plastic packaging on the environment. Not to mention the need for potential refrigeration for longer.


If you can afford to buy organic food and you would like to, then that will have a positive impact on soil. However, be aware that whether a food is organic or not is not the only indicator of its impact on health and the environment, and these foods are not automatically the preferred choice.   


Where's the best place to buy organic vegetables?

If you have access to a farmers market or fruit and vegetable grocer who sells organic fruit and vegetables that are in season, grown locally (always look at the price label for food origin), are not wrapped in plastic and you can afford to buy a variety in high quantities, then we encourage you to buy organic. If you can't afford it, then go for a variety of seasonal local fruits and vegetables, and eat them while they're fresh - you will not be missing out.


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