Why the public want this information

What and how we eat impacts climate change. While changes to the climate impact the food supply and food security. Yet, food, nutrition and climate change are topics often addressed independently in the media, and experts are interviewed on specific components of each issue. Australians are frequently told about the importance of governments stepping up and introducing policies for climate action, which is important. But, the average Australian is eager to know how their day-to-day behaviours can help, and nutrition is a key part of this.

Who is behind Eat Sustainably?

The university-qualified experts at Eat Sustainably have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to translate the science into understandable content, tailored to the needs of your audience to help them on their healthy and sustainable eating journey. The team have more than a decade of media experience, including pre-recorded and live interviews for channel 7, 9, 10, SBS Insight, ABC radio (including talkback) and news. This is in addition to print and other online media, including Good Health Magazine, The Conversation and many others.


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