Employee well-being and your company's sustainability goals

Supporting your employees' health and well-being is an investment.

Eat Sustainably's personal memberships and corporate presentations will provide your employees with support to change the way they shop, store, prepare, cook, eat and dispose of food, all via access to Accredited Practising Dietitians, Accredited Nutritionists and sustainable eating experts. Our memberships are a unique offering that can be added to Employee Assistance Programs and promoted to enable your company to stand out as a supportive and progressive place to work.


What’s the impact?

The way individual households shop, store, prepare, cook, eat and dispose of food accounts for 5-10% of total greenhouse gas emissions (1). This is roughly equivalent to the emissions generated from all cars in Australia (2). Therefore, changing daily dietary behaviours is an impactful way that individuals can reduce their climate impact.

References: (1) IPCC. 2019. Summary for policymakers. Climate Change and Land. (2) Australian Government Climate Change Authority. 2021. Transport.
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