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A vegetarian diet is one that excludes meat, chicken, fish and seafood but consumes a range of foods from the other food groups. There are several types of vegetarian diets...

Types of vegetarian diets

Regardless of the type of vegetarianism, the common factor is an avoidance of meat, poultry, fish, seafood and products containing these ingredients, such as oyster sauce or duck fat. When planned correctly, vegetarian diets can result in significant benefits for both health and the environment, and are appropriate for all ages.


Lacto-ovo vegetarian diets are the most common and avoid meat, chicken, fish and seafood, but include dairy, eggs and plant-based foods, such as wholegrains, nuts, seeds, tofu and other soy products, beans and lentils, fruits and vegetables.


Lacto-vegetarian diets avoid meat, chicken, fish, seafood and eggs (and all products that contain them), however, consume dairy products and plant-based foods (similar to all vegetarian diets).


Ovo-vegetarian diets avoid meat, chicken, fish, seafood and all dairy products, but consume eggs and egg products. As well as all plant-based foods.


Nutrients to consider

When following a vegetarian diet, it is important to consume a wide variety of foods from each of the five food groups – including dairy (milk, yoghurt and cheese or alternatives; wholegrains and cereals; fruits; vegetables, and; plant-based sources of protein (+/- eggs depending on type of vegetarian diet you're following).


There are key nutrients to consider on a vegetarian diet, and the team of experienced dietitians at Eat Sustainably have created resources to help you on your vegetarian journey. These key nutrients are protein, ironomega 3 fatty acids and, in the case of ovo-vegetarians, calcium must be considered.


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