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At Eat Sustainably we recommend our community use glass storage containers over plastic alternatives – this is for both health and environmental reasons. However, a commonly heard issue is that glass containers are too expensive. We have come up with a list of options to help with this issue...

If you can’t afford or find glass containers, don’t worry! Start to collect and wash any glass containers you use for food, such as empty jam or jalapeño jars. This is more environmentally friendly than buying new glass containers. Tall glass tomato passata jars are the perfect storage vessel for dry foods, such as nuts, seeds, dried legumes and beans, flour, chia seeds.


If you would like to buy larger glass storage containers for rice, pasta or leftover dinners, the good news is they’re becoming cheaper and more common. Checkout shops with big buying power, such as IKEA which has great glass containers that are well priced. Another option is looking out for specials and sales at major supermarkets, Kmart, Big W or Target. They will last longer than hard plastic containers (if not dropped – eeeek!).


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