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Most of us are used to having all fruits and vegetables available to us all year round. But this often means our ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables have spent months in storage between being picked and arriving on our supermarket shelves...

Storing fruits and vegetables takes extra energy and resources through transport, cooling/heating of storage facilities and packaging. These all increase the greenhouse gas emissions linked to a food, and often reduce the nutritional quality of our produce. Also, the costs linked to keeping our fresh food fresher for longer, translates to the price we all pay at the checkout.


So, if you want fruit and vegetables that are cheaper, better quality and have a lower impact on the planet, then always try to choose fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown in your state or area. Let our seasonal eating guide help you.


Seasonal low waste meal plans are provided to all Eat Sustainably members to guide and support them on their eco-friendly nutrition journey. Join our community to gain access to these.

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