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When it comes to soft plastics, the number one recommendation from the experts at Eat Sustainably is try and reduce your use. The scientific evidence of their environmental impact is strong, and they are most often not needed, or there are other options...

Tips to reducing soft plastic bag use

The first thing to try and do is ask yourself, do I really need a bag? Here are some tips for when you forget your bags at the shops (it happens to all of us!):

  • Many things can be carried to the car and some shops let you walk the basket or trolley to your car to transfer the goods
  • Ask if there are any empty cardboard boxes you could use, and then recycle at home. Although less common in major supermarkets, many local fruit and vegetables shops and markets have empty cardboard boxes.
  • Check if there are any paper bags to buy (you often need to ask for these at major supermarkets as they aren't at every aisle)
  • If you can, buy a fabric bag, and, if these aren’t available or affordable for you, choose a recycled plastic bag. If you buy a recycled plastic bag, the key is to use it as many times as you can. When it eventually comes to the end of its life, take it (with all your other soft plastics) to a recycling bin - these are often at major supermarkets.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any other ideas!

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