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Buying local food has a range of benefits for your health, the environment, and the local economy...

Local food is often fresher as it hasn't had to be transported for great distances or refrigerated for long periods of time, which is a time when key nutrients can be lost. So, buying local fresh food (and preferably in season) can mean the food is tastier because it is fresher and is of higher nutritional quality.


When we start buying local food, it is more likely to be in season - so it's a win-win situation. By buying local food, we are supporting our local farmers, their families, and their communities, which is something we are very passionate about at Eat Sustainably. The reduced food miles also means that less greenhouse gas emissions have been generated between paddock to plate (from storage and transport).

In Australia, we are fortunate to have access to an abundance of local, fresh, and seasonal produce. Most people have a local greengrocer, speciality shop or independent supermarket (e.g. an IGA) in their area that focusses on local produce. Although legally in Australia, the origins of all fresh fruits and vegetables need to be displayed when selling fresh produce, many local shops clearly promote where the fruits and vegetables are from, such as "grown in Australia "or "Queensland bananas ". If you have access to a local farmers market, the fruits and vegetables sold are likely to be produced locally!


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