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Every stage of the food cycle, from farm to bin, has an impact on the environment. We, as individuals, can make a difference by the small daily choices we make - what food we buy, where we buy it from, how we prepare and cook it, how much we eat, and how we dispose of the food...

 There are well-evidenced key characteristics of eco-friendly eating, which include:


  • Eating mostly plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, beans and wholegrain cereals. This is not a hard and fast rule, none of these are, but Australians eat more meat and dairy that their bodies need, and this places pressure on the environment (and it can also be accompanied by health issues). A well-planned vegan or vegetarian diet can meet nutrient requirements


  • Eating minimally processed foods – often called ‘wholefoods’. Learn more here


  • Eating only the energy or kilojoules our bodies need. When you eat above your energy needs, precious resources have gone into either growing, producing, storing, or transporting that food. An added benefit is this behaviour can help us achieve and maintain a healthy weight


  • Buying locally grown or produced foods that are in season, which has both health and environmental benefits. Learn more here


  • Avoiding food packaging and plastic wrapped foods where possible, such as single-use packaging or individually packaged food. This dietary behaviour has clear environmental benefits but there is emerging research investigating the impacts of plastics on health


  • Limiting food waste – this can be done by planning meals, using leftovers and only buying what you need. Learn more here.


There are many other minor changes that you can make if you want to eat a more sustainable diet, and this is the benefit of being part of the Eat Sustainably community, where you can take small steady steps in a supportive environment, and as the science evolves.



Where should I start on my eco-friendly eating journey?                         

You're reading this, so you've already started on your journey to more healthy and sustainable eating. We, as individuals and community members, can make a difference, every day. We encourage people to:


  • Make one small achievable change at a time, every little step makes a difference. But what is achievable for one person may be too challenging for another, and that’s OK. For example, swapping from individually packaged small tubs of yoghurt to a 1kg tub might just be the place you start


  • It may also help to start in one place on the website (or else it may all be too overwhelming). Such sections include our recipes - you can just start with dinners, for example; our product reviews; seasonal eating guidetutorials; or our private online community group.


As part of the Eat Sustainably community, members are in the safest hands to support and guide you and your family toward more eco-friendly nutrition. This includes family friendly seasonal meal plans straight to your inbox for flexitarian (reducing meat), vegetarian and vegan meal plans. Join our community today.

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