Tofu soy plant protein vegan
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Tofu is made from soybeans is a vegetarian source of iron, selenium, zinc and high-quality protein. Soy products, such as tofu or edamame, have been eaten in many Asian countries for thousands of years...

Tofu and tofu dishes are becoming more common in Australia as people are choosing to eat more plant-based proteins for reasons related to health, the environment and animal rights. 


Tofu comes in different textures (soft, silken, firm, very firm) and selecting which texture to choose depends on the dish you’re making, for example, you would need a firm tofu for the BBQ. Tofu is a versatile food that absorbs the flavours of a dish, and we recommend people try to choose unflavoured tofu and then make a marinade at home (it'll be fresher and less salty).


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