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Approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food waste. This is attributed to many points across the food supply line - from producing, processing, transporting, cooking, and our kitchen waste - and is the responsibility of governments, food producers, manufacturers and individuals...

This issue has gained global attention and in fact one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to halve our food waste, and this includes what happens in our homes.


In Australia, about one third of food is wasted, equating to approximately 312kg of food per person per year. Food that goes to landfill generates methane when it decomposes, and this is one of the major greenhouse gas contributors. Reducing our food waste has been recognised as the single biggest thing an individual can do to reduce their impact on the climate - think about that next time you walk past the wonky carrots in the supermarket or throw out some leftovers that were forgotten about.


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