Crisps chips ultra highly processed food
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Ultra-processed food is a term to describe a group of foods and drinks that are highly processed and ready to eat. There is an emerging body of scientific evidence on the impact of ultra-processed food on health...

As a rule of thumb, these foods are often far from the natural form of whole food. They are not the best choice for our health, due to the added ingredients and often low fibre. Similarly, they're not the best choice for the planet. Each step of food processing increases the greenhouse gas emissions of the food product and they're often packaged in plastic.

Some common examples of ultra-processed foods include:

  • Cookies and biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Meat pies and sausage rolls
  • Chips
  • Commercially bought burgers
  • Sweets
  • Commercial bought pizzas
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Energy bars
  • Sweetened yoghurt
  • Sugar-sweetened and diet beverages
  • Mass produced breads
  • Instant soups, noodles, desserts


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